Do your school aged children experience anxiety? Do they worry when your partner is away on site? Do they tend to think that the worst will happen? Are they experiencing headaches, stomach-aches, muscle tension, or tiredness? Do they have intense fears of certain things or tend to not talk in some situations?

FIFO Focus and Delta Psychology are partnering to release a psychodrama program that will help your children to overcome their anxiety. This proven group program will be presented by a clinical psychologist and an award winning drama teacher.

Children will be able to understand what they experience when they are anxious and be able to practice ways of overcoming this in a fun environment. The drama class will build their confidence and give them skills they can apply at home and school.

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If your child has had a Care Plan prepared by their GP, you will be able to claim a rebate of $31.65 per session. You do not need to have a Care Plan in place before you register your interest - you simply need to obtain one before your child attends their first session. If any of your children do have one, please provide the GP's details below:
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