John is also the Clinical Director for FIFO Focus, which is a team of skilled specialist psychologists and behavioural consultants who work with employers and individuals to create happier, healthier FIFO workplaces.

FIFO Focus presents a weekly radio segment called FIFO Life on RED FM, covering a wide range of issues that affect FIFO workers and their families.

You can listen to all of John's segments below. If you would like to hear all of the segments on the complete range of topics from all presenters, you can find them at the FIFO Focus website.


Male Self Care

John talks about the importance of Male Self Care – in other words, men taking care of their physical and mental health while working away.


Managing Relationships

John talks about managing the challenges of maintaining relationships when working FIFO.


The White Bear Effect

John talks about the concept of the “white bear effect” and how it can impact on our ability to change.


When to Seek Help

John discusses the signals you should be aware of that indicates you should seek help to improve your well-being.


Making Positive Changes

John discusses how we can more effectively make positive changes in our lives.


The Benefits of Hobbies

John discusses the importance of having hobbies


Achieving Work-Life Balance

John discusses ways to achieve work-life balance.


Dealing with Loneliness

John discusses ways in which we can all be dealing with loneliness, particularly for the FIFO partner at home.


Do You Take Sleep for Granted?

John discusses the importance of sleep and some techniques to help you. Do you take sleep for granted?


Looking Out for Depression

John discusses depression and what to look out for in yourself and in others.


What to expect when you see a psychologist

John describes what to expect when you see a psychologist.


How to Enjoy Alcohol

John talks about how to enjoy alcohol in a healthy way.


Dealing with Homesickness

John provides information and tips on dealing with homesickness.


Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Counsellor - What's the Difference?

John describes the differences between psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors.



John explains anxiety and provides tips to manage it.


Are People with Depression being Selfish?

John talks about the notion that people with depression can appear to be selfish.