The process is very simple!

Once your business has joined Delta Psychology, your staff and their immediate families have access to a network of clinical psychologists. They can simply call or email us, let us know the name of your business, and they will be seen as soon as possible. You are only charged for the sessions provided, with invoices only provided if the service has been accessed. You can further manage your costs by stipulating the maximum number of sessions per annum that will be provided to each employee and/or their immediate family. Once the limit you have set is reached, their clinical psychologist will discuss options for further treatment that may be available to them in a private capacity or with Medicare support via consultation with their GP.

So, you can provide a high-quality EAP service that will provide support to your employees while ensuring that your costs are always under control. We also offer flexibility and scalability – we are able to help with organisations of any size, with people in any location. Appointments via Skype or telephone are available, in addition to face-to-face consultations.

Please contact Dr John Forbes if you would like more information.