Delta Psychology is a group of psychologists who are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality care. We offer therapy to adults, adolescents over 15, and couples. We have the qualifications and experience to help you with a wide range of problems, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Relationship therapy
  • Insomnia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Sleep problems
  • Panic attacks
  • Trauma
  • The impact of FIFO work on individuals and families
  • Substance use
  • Communication skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-esteem

All of our psychologists are able to offer Medicare or Health Fund rebates. Because we are committed to ensuring affordable access to psychological assistance, our fees are set so that the net cost is as low as possible, provided that you have had a Care Plan prepared by your GP. Medicare rebates can be processed immediately, saving you a trip to your local Medicare office. Payments can be made by EFTPOS, Mastercard, or Visa – but please note that Medicare rebates can only be made into a savings or cheque account. Please note that we are not able to offer bulk-billing.

In comparison to appointments with other health professionals, psychological sessions are relatively long – generally around 50 minutes. During this time, a GP will often see four or five patients. Because of the impact it has on both the psychologists and those waiting for appointments, it is important to keep late cancellations or people simply not attending to a minimum. As with similar businesses, we have a cancellation policy that reflects the preparation and time set aside for you. If less than 48 hours notice is given, 50% of the usual fee will apply (+ GST). If less than 24 hours notice is given, or if you simply do not attend, then 100% of the usual fee will apply (+ GST).



We are now pleased to offer clinical psychology services to people in rural and remote locations, Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) workers and their families – in Australia or around the world. This includes Skype consultations, e-mails, or a combination of the two. Unfortunately, however, these services do not currently attract a Medicare rebate. If you are interested in finding out more about E-therapy, please click here.

Living and Working Overseas

If you are an expat, we can offer E-therapy so that you can receive support wherever you are. We have experience with the issues and challenges that expats and their families face when you're a long way from home. Because we're in Perth, we are in the same time-zone as much of SE Asia, which means that we are available at times that suit you.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

We are happy to work with your organisation to provide cost-effective employee assistance programs to your employees. EAPs provide many organisational and business benefits, including reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, and improved morale. Your tailored EAP can include areas such as critical incident debriefing, relationship issues, conflict resolution, executive coaching, and general mental health problems. We can even offer assistance to remote employees using e-mail or e-meeting services. For organisations of fewer than 25 employees, we operate on a fee-for-service basis that does not require any establishment fee, retainer, or program delivery fee.  While all discussions with employees remains strictly confidential, we provide management with reports designed to inform corporate health strategies. We have also recently partnered with Promenta Australia, and join a network of psychologists across Perth who are able to provide support to your organisation across Western Australia. If you are interested in discussing how we can help you, you can find more information here, or contact us at

Motivational Interviewing

Dr John Forbes is able to provide Motivational Interviewing training to groups and organisations, on request. Please contact him at if you would like to discuss the possibility of him providing this training.

Training Services

John is also able to provide training in a wide range of psychology-related areas. For example, he can assist with clinical interviewing training and crisis management, and he can tailor a training package to suit the individual needs of your organisation. Contact him at to discuss your requirements.